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Members Directory

Athena  Adamopoulos  Canada  

Mirza Ajanovic  USA 

Francis Bacon  France

Anna T Benevides  Canada  

Janice Duke  England

Crystal Ann Edwards  Canada

Georgina Katsoulis  Canada 

David Knights   Canada

Ryota Matsumoto   Canada

Conrad Mieschke  Canada

Debbie Miller  Canada

Fiona Muir   England   

Kostas Nikellis   Greece

Robb Scott   Canada  

Pablo Solomon   USA

Julia Sorrell  United Kingdom



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The Mission of Art

The mission of art, and that of the Waterhouse Gallery is to experience revelation. Document its vision. Express inspiration. Translate the universal consciousness into images, objects, and words. Preserve the artefacts and expression of skilled creativity. Practice to achieve the excellence of craft, medium, and learned word both in solitude and side by side with others.