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Fine Arts

Fine arts include but are not limited to drawing, painting, writing, sculpting, and drama, dancing, music, the latter also called performing arts. We invite all the arts to be participants in the Waterhouse Foundation's online community.

Learn more about the skills required to develop fine art, and learn new skills from others. Exhibit in our gallery, or refer someone at your local gallery to us.

Fine art is perhaps the refining of art to its gilded or air-brushed state. There is the raw and savage nature of the subject, then the perception and interpretation of the author, the use of medium and muse, the paper, paint, pen, paper, shoes, potter's wheel, ipad, multi-media of beginnings. Do we make our object of study more savage, the wild lily or more cultivated and civilized, the gilded lily?

To be inspired, we need only look back in time to the artists who captured the imaginations and attention of their communities and the art world. Every artist has something to discover about the authenticity of their original expression. The artefacts they create may become the makings of a monument, of a legacy of self-discipline left for those who will follow. Don't ever think I said an artist must not strive for excellence, be always learning and overcome the blocks to their own best result.

We must be hard on ourselves, and you must know by now that being an artist is harder than you ever imagined--but also the most fulfilling path you can follow if this is your destiny. 

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The Mission of Art

The mission of art, and that of the Waterhouse Gallery is to experience revelation. Document its vision. Express inspiration. Translate the universal consciousness into images, objects, and words. Preserve the artefacts and expression of skilled creativity. Practice to achieve the excellence of craft, medium, and learned word both in solitude and side by side with others.