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About Us

The Waterhouse Gallery was founded in 2005 by the Wild Lily Institute. The goal of accepting artists as members, and artists perceptions and works drive our organization. We desire to see innovative and artistic accomplishments in a globalized society. We have a mission to see legacy founded in the area of artistic achievement.

Every artist is unique, yet they all have something in common. It is our commonalities and our differences that make up our diversity. We represent the many countries of the world, their histories, cultures, and traditions. We seek to be creative in response to what life offers. We look for resources to teach, cultivate, and inspire us.

Art in itself is a very cultivated, skilled activity that represents civilizations from antiquity. It creates images, words, objects, and even monuments. It puts a face on the drama of the rise and fall of empires, and enlists hieroglyphics. Sometimes humanity is in stick figures, sometimes cartoons, or paintings or photographs. People drive art, and without people and their varied perceptions, art would not exist.

Passion is their forward movement . . . 

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The Mission of Art

The mission of art, and that of the Waterhouse Gallery is to experience revelation. Document its vision. Express inspiration. Translate the universal consciousness into images, objects, and words. Preserve the artefacts and expression of skilled creativity. Practice to achieve the excellence of craft, medium, and learned word both in solitude and side by side with others.